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Hey BORever Resorts...Fish or Cut Bait?!
Pleasure Cove Marina &
October 05, 2005

From: Frank Iwama
To: Terry Sides
Subject: Pleasure Cove Marina - Lake Berryessa
Mr. Sides:
This will confirm my discussion with Terry Sparkman, Forever Resorts' General Manger at Pleasure Cove Marina, last week for the purpose of initiating dialogue in the effort to resolve pending issues between the concessionaire and long-term permittees. This contact was made at the recommendation of...

- Mobile Home Owners Sue Over Order to Leave
By M.S. Enkoji -- Bee Staff Writer


Set My People Free!
Coastside Group Pushing New City
October 05, 2005

By Tim Hay, STAFF WRITER Saturday, October 11, 2003 - HALF MOON BAY
A newly formed Coastside group wants to wrest control of some 30,000 unincorporated acres from an open-space agency and form a new city: the Town of Rural Lands. The new town would be free from the "tyranny" of County government, environmental groups and the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, said Oscar Braun, founder of the Rural Lands Incorporation Now Committee. It would be the first new incorporated area since 1983 when East Palo Alto was formed. "We're an agricultural community. We have virtually...

From Pat Monaghan - Chair, Task Force 7 at Lake Berryessa
Dear Editor, (Oakland Tribune & San Mateo County Times)
Seldom have I seen such a cheap shot fired at a group of citizens who's crime appears to be having a long term site at Lake Berryessa. Your paper's headline reads "Is this your lake, or mine?". What behavior on the part of any of the 1250 families could possibly lead you to believe we think we own the lake? The answer to your question...


CWP To BORever Mob...Let's Get It On! (2)
Mobile home owners sue over order to leave
October 04, 2005

From: By M.S. Enkoji -- Bee Staff Writer
Story appeared in Metro section, Page B4 The owners of a mobile home at Lake Berryessa, facing a Dec. 15 deadline to move the home, have filed a federal...


Whistleblower Trial Starts Next Week!
Letter to the Editor from Oscar Braun
October 04, 2005

From: Oscar Braun
Re:Letter to the Editor: Whistleblower Trial Starts Next Week!
Dear Editor,On April 30, 2002, I appeared before the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to protest and appeal the Devil’s Slide Tunnel project. I stated on...


Lake Berryessa BORever Resorts RICO Files: #7
High Priority Communication!
September 30, 2005

From: Frank Iwama
To: Oscar Braun
Subject: Pleasure Cove Marina Update (9/30/05)
I had a cordial discussion with Pete Lucero, Park Manager, BOR Lake Berryessa, earlier today to review the status of pending issues at Pleasure Cove Marina...

- August 28, 2005
Re: Bureau of Reclamation (“BOR”) Letter of Notice, Pleasure Cove Resort, dated March 28, 2005 and BOR Interim Concession Contract for Pleasure Cove Marina
Dear Mr. Lucero:
This is in reference to your letter dated March 28, 2005, addressed to “Whom It May Concern” with respect to the termination of the Interim Concession Contract No. 04 LC 20 8317, dated May 20, 2004, for Pleasure Cove Resort, between...


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