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Mike Nevin Asks SOB for HELP!
Politics makes for strange bedfellows
September 21, 2005

We have all heard that old adage that “politics makes for strange bedfellows.” Well, on October 11, 2005, in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, the first of ...


We The People v. BORever
BOR/Pleasure Cove Marina Permittee Issues
September 21, 2005

Mr. Lucero:
Thank you for the confirmation that "Reclamation has no intent to "lock out" any Permittee from Pleasure Cove Marina at this time." BOR's voluntary and good...


Ask Frank Iwama, Esquire
Questions & Answers
September 20, 2005

On 09/20/05, Permittee S.J. inquired.
Prior to submitting money to help Pleasure Cove permittees I wanted to see the legal action that was going to be taken. I have read the Injunctive Release and...



POSSE STOPS BORever PCM Evictions!
Pleasure Cove Marina Updates
September 19, 2005

From: Pedro Pete Lucero
Subject: Pleasure Cove Marina
Mr. Iwama,
I spoke with Solicitor Jim Turner this morning after a conversation you had with him. For your information, Reclamation has no intent to "lock out" any Permittee from Pleasure Cove Marina at this time...
Pete Lucero, Park Manager


Updated Legal Bulletin
Summary of U.S. District Court Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
September 19, 2005

From: Frank Iwama
To: Oscar Braun
Subject: BOR - Court Filing/Updated Legal Bulletin
A complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief was formally filed today in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco. (The case ...


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