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BOR - Updated Legal Bulletin
Frank Iwama to Oscar Braun
September 15, 2005

From: Frank Iwama
To: Oscar Braun
This will confirm my telephone discussion with Assistant Solicitor General James Turner, BOR counsel, yesterday regarding CWP's compliance with protocal and...


CWP To BORever Mob...Let's Get It On! (1)
C.W.Posse v. BORever's Broad Authority to Administer Lake Berryessa
September 13, 2005

From: Oscar Braun
To:Pedro "Pete" Lucero, Cleve Dufer, Michael R. Finnegan
Subject: C.W.Posse v. BORever's "broad authority" to administer Lake Berryessa ."
Commissioner Keyes,
On behalf of all Lake Berryessa Permittees, on September 14, 2005, the CWP will summon you and your infamous BORever mob to appear at a TRO hearing...


C.W.Posse To File "TRO" This Week!
Corrospondance about BOR/Pleasure Cove
September 12, 2005

From: Oscar Braun
To: Frank Iwama
Subject: RE: BOR-J.Turner (9-12-05)
Thank you for your enclosed letter and email briefing regarding your discussion with Assistant Solicitor General Jim Turner earlier today. I will notify ALL Pleasure Cove Marina Permittees...

To: James Turner, Esq. Assistant Solicitor General - Bureau of Reclamation
Re: Lake Berryessa - Pleasure Cove Marina - Pete Lucero, Park Manager, Letter to Permittees, dated September 7, 2005
Dear Mr. Turner,
Thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you this morning about pending issues relative to Pete Lucero’s letter formally advising permittees with trailers and/or personal property at Lake Berryessa – Pleasure Cove Marina to enter into a rental agreement with...


Fear... Who Cares?
By Alan Anthony Beaven: October 15, 1952 – September 11, 2001
September 11, 2005

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Bay Area attorney Alan A. Beaven was held on October 13, 2001 at 10:30 a.m. at Grace Cathedral, 1100 California Street, San Francisco. Alan, 48, a native New Zealander and longtime Oakland...

- Alan... As morning broke across the sea,The sunlight gleamed so tenderly, ...

- Senator Feinstein, U.S. Senate Honors Alan Beaven's Heroism with Congressional Record.


Urgent Legal Bulletin
Legal Action Plan from Frank Iwama
September 9, 2005

On 9/8/05, Frank Iwama wrote:
Pursuant to CWP's request, I have reviewed the letter (certified - return receipt requested), dated September 7, 2005, from Pete Lucero, Lake Berryessa...


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