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Frank A. Iwama - Attorney at Law
Biography - Who We Are
September 1, 2005

Frank A. Iwama was born and raised in rural Suisun Valley, Solano County, California, where his family operated a small grocery store located on...


Ask Frank Iwama Esquire
Questions & Answers
August 31, 2005

On 8/30/05, Permittee M.A. inquired:
Mr. Iwama, I am a member of the Task Force 7 and owner of a mobile home at Lake Berryessa Marina.I would just like to ask you, is not the BOR in violation...


The People versus Rex Maughan Billion$ !
Is This Your Lake, or Mine? Lake Berryessa Oakland Tribune Article
August 29, 2005

Lake Berryessa Oakland Tribune Article

By Douglas Fischer, STAFF WRITER

Article Last Updated: 8/27/2005 07:38 AM

Serious fight brews about place to play. Government plan has Berryessa vacationers in hot water.

A FIGHT JUST short of civil war is unfolding here on the shores of what might just be Northern California's best boating lake. Advancing fast is the federal government, owner of both land and reservoir, with plans to open the lake in eastern Napa County to a broader slice of the public. A blueprint mapping that effort is due this fall from the Bureau of Reclamation, and the...


We, The People...
Dear Editor (Oakland Tribune & San Mateo County Times)
August 29, 2005

Dear Editor, (Oakland Tribune & San Mateo County Times)
Seldom have I seen such a cheap shot fired at a group of citizens who's crime appears to be having a long term site at Lake Berryessa. Your paper's headline reads...


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