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Say It Isn't So BORever Rex !
Dear Mid-Pacific Regional Director Rogers,
March 23, 2006

Yesterday morning I participated in a brief conference call with Mid-Pacific FOI Officer Kathleen Christian, Lake Berryessa Concessions Manager Cleve Dufer and Lake Berryessa Park Manager Pete Lucero regarding the CWP request for "ALL" local, state and federal "site specific" environmental compliance documentation and permits for the Alternative B redevelopment of Pleasure Cove Resort/Marina since January 1, 2000. Mr. Lucero stated that the Lake Berryessa office have issued "Categorical Exemptions" for ALL the Alternative B redevelopment construction activities at Pleasure Cove Resort/Marina since January 1,2000. I responded to Mr. Lucero's shocking disclosure, that the issuance of "categorical exemptions" for Alternative B site specific redevelopment implementation is a clear violation of NEPA and the 1992 RAMP.


BORever Ain't Got No Stinking Enviro-Permits!

March 22, 2006

Thank you for your prompt, courteous and helpful assistance. As I explained to you yesterday, the CWP was directed by Commissioner Keyes office to resource all our requested NEPA files and redevelopment permits from Frank Michny, NEPA Compliance Office for the Mid-Pacific Region. I talked to Frank and Jeff McCracken last week and presented the CWP formal request in writing.
All the best, Oscar


California Senatorial Candidate Oscar Braun Recommends President Bush Send Troops to Washington DC to Prevent Civil War!

March 21, 2006


Hello Rex...It's Gale Norton Calling!
Commissioner Keys,
March 20, 2006

Good Morning from wet and soggy Northern California. Two days ago I wrote to you requesting that you take immediate action to stop the ROD for Lake Berryessa. I also alerted you to the fact that I had requested the DOJ and FBI to investigate BOR officials regarding the bid by Forever Resorts for Pleasure Cove. I have include a couple of attachment to jog your memory of what took place on the bid.


Dillon's Political Legacy Really Stinks!

March 19, 2006

"We've been criticized by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and then by the Attorney General's office that we're not willing to take action," Dillon said. Working with them, she said, is "critical to our success."


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