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Dear Chuck, Thanks For Your Kind Attention!

March 19, 2006

Today, I have been contacted by three different employees of the Bureau of Reclamation regarding calls Mr. Braun is making to them regarding litigation issues. They know it would be improper and do not want to discuss those matters directly with your client, but they do not want to seem rude or unresponsive to his needs.


BORever...Tell It To Da Judge!

March 17, 2006

This email is to confirm my request earlier this morning for copies of ALL applicable local, state and federal redevelopment permits currently in the BOR NEPA Environmental Compliance files for ALL redevelopment activities at Pleasure Cove Resort Lake Berryessa project site since January 1,2000 to the present....


BORever Dog Ate My Enviro-Permits !

March 12, 2006

I have been informed by the local and state agencies that they have NO PERMIT RECORDS OR REQUIRED PERMIT APPLICATIONS in their files for either Pleasure Cove Marina LLC or the BOR for the redevelopment road widening and tree removal within the riparian corridor adjoining Lake Berryessa that are required to relocate ALL the remaining mobile homes remaining at Pleasure Cove Marina.


Battle For Berryessa...Listen to Capital Public Radio in this Pebble Issue!

January 5, 2006


"Controversy at Lake Berryessa" on Capital Public Radio Tuesday Jan.3rd at 2pm

January 3, 2006


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