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BORever Mob Declares War...Pray for Cody, Scott & Kathy Jenkins Family

February 27, 2006

TO: Pleasure Cove Permittee Families
FROM: Oscar Braun, General, California Watershed Posse
RE: USA v.Murad et al., U.S. District Court (N.D. Cal.)


Oscar Braun Files For CaliforniaState Senate, 8th District Race

February 23, 2006

California State Senate candidate Oscar Braun thought you would like a free Smiles Desktop. If so please visit the following webpage on the Smiles Virtual Chairside Network:


BORever Mob Threaten Retaliation Against CWP Whistleblower & State Senate Candidate Oscar Braun
February 22, 2006

Thank you forwarding Charles O’Conner's (USACAN) recommendations. Please inform Mr. O’Conner that I, in turn, will share his acerbic communiqués directly with the California State Attorney General Office regarding the BORever Mob official position regarding compliance with NEPA and all local, state and federal applicable laws and whistleblower retaliation threats against the Brauns. The AG can save the taxpayers some of their hard earned money by prosecuting ALL polluting violators of the Clean Water Act at Lake Berryessa.
Regards, Oscar


Napa County & BORever Mob Scoff at Clean Water Act !
FLASH: Lawsuit: Sewage Dumped into Lake Berryessa
February 22, 2006

Dear Supervisor Dillon & Ms. Gitelman,

Bravo for you! It was really wonderful to read about Napa County Board of Supervisors taking a leadership role regarding the crackdown on zoning and permit scofflaws. Click here: | A crackdown on zoning and permit scofflaws...


Battle For Bessyessa News Update
By Douglas Fischer, STAFF WRITER
February 13, 2006

The federal government has won the first skirmish in the Battle of Berryessa, but trailer owners at the popular boating lake vow to press on until they have won the war.


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