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BORever Mob Can Run...But Not Hide!
Re: Gale Norton's 4 C's and BORever's Bad Faith Actions Will Go
December 15th, 2005

Before The Court:
Mr. Braun, This matter has been forwarded to the Assistant Regional Solicitor James Turner. In the future, please address any correspondence to him at...


"52" More Pleasure Cove Marina Permittees Join Braun et al v. Gale Norton as Plaintiffs
Braun v. Norton (BOR) Update
December 9, 2005

I just received information from MLT that an answer to defendants' counter claim and request to amend plaintiffs' complaint to add other named plaintiffs has been prepared for submission and filing with the...


"54" Plus Pleasure Cove Marina Permittees Join Braun et al v. Gale Norton as Plaintiffs

December 9, 2005

Please find attached in pdf format the memorandum of points and authorities filed with the court to add additional plaintiffs in the pending Braun v. Norton lawsuit. The additional plaintiffs are listed on pages 3 and 4 of the document. Your cooperation and assistance in providing this information via the Pebble to the...


BOR Lake Berryessa/Pleasure Cove Litigation Update
A. Case Background – Evidence of BOR’s Bad Faith Conduct
November 22, 2005

Prior to the filing of a lawsuit, numerous good faith attempts, both formal and informal, were made in communications and dialogue with BOR for the purpose of satisfactorily and mutually discussing and resolving issues relating to BOR’s announced action mandating the termination of long-term permittee site agreements (effective November 1, 2005) and ordering the permanent removal of trailer/mobilehomes and...


Winter's Express News: Town Hall Meeting Report
Hundreds protest lake plan
November 21, 2005

Express city editor
Hundreds of Lake Berryessa users attended the special meeting hosted by the Winters City Council on Saturday, Nov. 19. The vast majority wore yellow stickers bearing the letters “ROP” (Resort Owners Plan), and tied orange ribbons to their shirtsleeves; some carried protest signs. All were designed to express the users’ displeasure at the Bureau of Reclamation’s (BOR) proposed reuse plan for the lake, which calls for a bid process for the concessionaire contracts, currently held by seven private owners, removal of long-term trailer sites and rezoning of the lake itself.

The debate over the reuse plan has gone on for...


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