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April 30, 2006

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COSA Eco-Terrorist Racketeering Activities Referred to AG's Office  

April 26, 2006


Attorney General Office

California Department of Justice

P.O Box 930-447

Sacramento, California 94203-4470


Attention: Anti-Terrorist & Charitable Trust Section


I.  Information Indicating Eco-terrorism and Racketeering


A.     Complainant


Complainant, Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation aka California Watershed Posse (CWP) (,  maintains extensive data bases containing public documents, regulatory investigative reports and court records on the counties of Napa and San Mateo governmental zoning and land use activities impacting our vital watershed resources.  The mission of the CWP is to act as a public benefit, non-profit community based  501(c) 3 watershed watch dog organization to protect the integrity of governmental and non-profit charitable institutions, report possible violations of the law, regulations and rules governing the conduct of local, state and federal officials and employees.  The purpose of the CWP due diligence watershed environmental review mission is to inform the public and its responsible officials of the environmental consequences of their decisions before they are made. Thus , the environmental impact report (EIR) process protects not only the watershed environment but also informed self-government. The CWP proactively pursues its mission as a tenured non-profit charitable community based California Coordinated Resource Management and Planning Council (CRMP) and a  alliance member of the federal NOAA sponsored Water Quality Protection Program (WQPP) and as a California Department of Forestry  coalition community based partner known as  the San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council. 


B. Summary of  Eco-terrorist and Racketeering Complaint


This eco-terrorist and racketeering whistleblower complaint is filed pursuant to the federal RICO and Clean Water Act statutes.  CWP’s complaint asserts that governmental entities Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District, Napa and San Mateo Counties, San Francisco and Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Boards, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), U.S. Department of Interior and U.S. Department of Justice  officials and employees have engaged in unlawful activities jointly and in collaboration with private sector park concessionaires , vendors and  non-profit charitable trust organizations.  These organizations include but are not limited to the Sierra Club file # CT-4332, San Mateo County Surfrider Foundation file # CT-58297, Committee for Green Foothills (CGF) file # CT-27434, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) file # CT-20369, collectively  known as the Coastal Open Space Alliance (COSA). CWP's complaint asserts that these entities perpetrate and further their racketeering enterprise activities to “take” without compensation, more than thirteen hundred  Lake Berryessa private mobile homes, in addition to  tens of thousands of acres of coastal San Mateo County rural farm and ranch lands at greatly reduced values under the guise of preserving open space for the public's recreational use. 


The COSA eco-terrorist and racketeering enterprise activities include aiding, abetting and the concealment of the following illegal or improper acts:


·  Operation of unlicensed illegal toxic landfills polluting the waters of the United States by Forever Resorts, Mid-Peninsula Regional Open

     Space District and Peninsula Open Space Trust.

·   Extortion, mail and voter fraud

·   Falsification of public records

·   Fraudulent Farmland Security Zone tax exempt contacts schemes for illegal landfills operations on COSA enterprise trust open space lands  

·    Irregular public real estate financing schemes

·    Depriving the taxpayers out of millions of dollars of state and federal highway, water and natural resource protection bond funding

·   Violations of the Clean Water Act , Section 404

·   Violations of CEQA and NEPA environmental protection laws



          II. COSA enterprise members:             


The following list is a partial list of COSA enterprise members who were and have been involved in racketeering and eco-terrorist activities since 9/11/01:


·         Richard Gordon, SMC Supervisor

·         Jerry Hill, SMC Supervisor

·         Mike Nevin, Former SMC Supervisor

·         Diane Dillon, Napa County Supervisor

·         Michael Thompson, U.S. Congressman

·         Thomas Lantos, U.S. Congressman

·         Diane Feinstein, U.S. Senator

·         Marcia Raines, Director Environmental Services

·         Martha Payotos, LAFCo Executive Director

·         Terry Burnes, Former Planning Administrator

·         Dean Peterson, Director,Environmental Health

·         Thomas Casey, SMC Chief County Counsel

·         Michael Murphy, Chief Deputy County Counsel

·         Miruni Soosaipillai, Deputy County Counsel

·         Carol Woodward, Deputy County Counsel

·         James Fox, SMC District Attorney

·         Parker Kelly, SMC, Deputy District Attorney.

·         Charles O’Conner, AUSA, DOJ

·         James Turner, Deputy U.S. Solicitor General

·         Steve Petty, Concessionaire, PCRAMG

·         Carol Kunz, Napa Sierra Club President

·         Kirk Rogers, BOR

·         Michael Finnegan, BOR

·         Pedro Lucero, BOR

·         Cleve Dufer, BOR

·         William Scaggs, BOR

·         Rex Maugham,Concessionaire,Forever Resorts

·         Pleasure Cove Marina, LLC

·         Terry Sparkman, Forever Resorts

·         Tim Colvin, Forever Resorts

·         Terry Sides, Forever Resorts

·         Peter Douglas, Executive Director CCC

·         Mark Deliplane, Planner, CCC

·         John Mueller, Chairman, S.F. RWQCB

·         Gary and Cynthia Giavonnoni, COSA

·         Mary Hobbs, COSA

·         Chuck Kozak, COSA

·         Timothy Duff,  COSA

·         Chris Thoullag, COSA

·         Lenore Roberts, COSA

·         Committee for Green Foothill COSA

·         Audrey Rust, POST-COSA

·         Walter Moore Esq., COSA

·         Peninsula Open Space Trust COSA

·         Craig Britton, MROSD-COSA

·         Mary Daveys-MROSD-COSA

·         MidPeninsula Regional Open SpaceDist-COSA

·         Steve Karlin, Wildlife Associates-COSA

·         Wildlife Associates-COSA

·         Jack Olsen, Admin. SMC Farm Bureau-COSA

·         San Mateo County Surfrider Foundation-COSA



III.             CWP Contact Information:


Oscar Braun, Executive Director, 1589 Higgins Canyon Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019.  Tel: (650) 726-3307; Fax: (650) 726-2799; E-mail:



IV.             CWP Documentation Indicating eco-terrorism and racketeering enterprise activities.


Specific evidence, including names, dates, times, places, incident details, supporting documentation, corroborating evidence and testimony, etc., will be provided to the California Attorney General’s Office upon request.